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About Us


"Welcome to Sunikh Components Pvt ltd, a leading manufacturing powerhouse specializing in Precision Sheet Metal Pressed/Stamped Parts, Mechanical Sub-Assemblies, Press Tools,Jigs/Fixtures and Precision CNC Machined Parts. With a commitment to excellence, we leverage cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce to deliver tailor-made solutions for diverse industries. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure high-quality production, meeting the stringent demands of modern engineering. From intricate press tools to robust mechanical sub-assemblies, we take pride in crafting precision components that drive innovation. Partner with us for reliability, precision, and a seamless integration of manufacturing expertise. Elevate your projects with Sunikh, where precision meets perfection."

To give the highest degree of satisfaction to all the pillars of our business partnership like the customers, the share holders, the employees, the suppliers and the society at large.

Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Initiatives at Sunikh Components Pvt Ltd

We have taken various sustainability measures such as: