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    Welcome To Sunikh

                  About Us

A professional who has got vast experience in the field of Tooling & Precision Engineering including production and management established the Company in 1991. We have grown in these years to the extent to cater to the Tooling, Components manufacturing and other Precision Engineering needs of more than 100 big and small companies including Multi-national companies. We have initiated actions to export our tools & components to other countries. At present the same is happening through our customers.

The Company has put the efforts to establish as the best among the industries and to serve our customers. We approach the problems very professionally using high technical know how and update us with the new technological developments. Vast experience of the promoter in the tooling field, large infrastructure, machinery employing latest technology, dedicated and motivated work force, and vigorous implementation of quality management system has given a edge to Sunikh in the industry and we enjoy the goodwill from the customers.



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