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The company
SUNIKH COMPONENTS Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in Design, manufacture and sale of Press Tools, Plastic Injection Moulds, Special purpose components, Die casting dies, Jigs, fixtures or any type of tool elements  in part or full to produce either sheet metal or plastic Components.We have a Press Shop with capacity from 10T upto 500 tonne   presses and sheet metal components and sub-assemblies are manufactured to cater Automobile, Electric, Electronic, and various other industries.We have an AMADA Make 80T Press break for sheet metal bending and a Friction screw press of 100T capacity to take up cold forging jobs.We also have a shearing machine to cut the sheets as per required strip size

Various types of press tools are manufactured to meet the requirements of Automobiles, Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Industries. Generally the tools are progressive, compound, blanking, punching, piercing, forming, bending, Forging and lancing. It can be custom made as per the requirements. We develop our own tool designs or can work with the designs offered by the cutomers.

CNC Wire EDM Machines generate die and punch profiles. Designs and Programs are made in house with the help of AutoCAD and Pro-E Softwares.We use the latest "CIMATRON" Tool designing Software for design of complicated profiled components.The quality and the precision are built in the tooling by design.

We take up sub-assemblies of various components and have facilities like spot welding, projection welding,aluminium welding,tig welding, drilling, tapping,milling,grinding etc..

We are manufacturing the components for the Auto Giants of the country like M/S. MARUTHI, HERO HONDA, MAHENDRA & MAHENDRA HYUNDAI & TVS through their vendors.like Continental corporation,IFB Automotive LTD

JOB WORK: The company namely SUNIKH PRECISION PVT LTD has EIGHT NUMBERS OF CNC Wire EDM Machines including latest linear motion technology machine of SODIKH,JAPAN and it is engaged about 50 to 60 % of the capacity to the job work. We undertake any sort of profiles as per the requirement of the customers. Generally the drawings or the samples are converted to CAD Drawings. These drawings further converted to machine drawings with required CNC Data. The care has been taken to meet the requirement of the customers who are engaged in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Electronic or any sub-division of the Engineering including Bio Medical and Hardware technology. The balance capacities of the CNC Wire EDM Machines are utilized for captive tooling.

In addition to the above job work the Company also manufacture/produce very special items like powering divider antenna, and cascading blades for defense organizations. That apart the Company has acquired a Super EDM Drill, which makes small holes either on hardened or soft materials. This Machine is a boost to the company as well as to the other customers since the small hole drilling is a problem in the industries. This machine is found to be very useful to both small industries and the multinationals.

We also have a VMC by which mould and other forming profiles are machined with required accuracy.Another feather in the cap is the addition of Maxiem USA make WATER JET CUTTING MACHINE. This is a CNC controlled machine which can cut any Metal or Non Metal parts with CAD Design.It can cut any Metal, Glass, Stones,Tiles, Wood, or any other material. Apart from engineering uses it has a lot of architectural applications too.
Besides the above we have another section specialised in Spark Erosion (Conventional Electro Discharge Machine). It has three such machines. It is used to spark cavities, cores, punches, dies, and various other components, which helps to produce the mould in time. Also we have conventional machinery like milling, surface grinding, drilling etc.

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