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    Welcome To Sunikh

                       Customer Focus

Quality is the prime concern of the Company. The quality is assured at various levels from incoming material inspection to the final dispatch inspection.Process plan, control and improvement methods are in place to get the product as per customer needs.  The quality personals are trained and qualified.Results are statistically analysed and continual improvement is focused.The main object of the company is to supply the components and tools defect free.

The company is alert to the Global competition and strive to give the Value for Money to the customer.Cost reduction through waste elimination, Process improvement, Design changes etc.. are pro-actively suggested to the customer.

The Company will strive to keep the delivery performance as committed; all efforts are taken to see the commitments are met in the scheduled time frame.System generated alerts are created to work on shortfalls.

The Company has set for modernization by acquiring latest sophisticated machinery and employing modern techniques with regard to precision tooling, machining and component manufacturing. 

The Company is engaged in manufacture and supply of press tools, jigs & fixtures, templates, cams, plastic injection moulding tools, die casting dies, cascade blades, power divider antennas, electrodes, automobile engineering and electronics components. The Company has spare capacity to Develop and manufacture of further components. The company is looking forward to serve you on a mutual benefit and interaction.

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