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The Company employs a work force of qualified and trained people. All Employees get on job training in their respective areas.
Other than on job training class room training is planned and conducted to develop the skills and give knowledge on safety, house keeping, quality management system etc.and to orient them towards the focus of customer needs.We have a permanent Managment Consultant working on regular training and CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENTS THROUGH EMPLOYEE PARTICIPATION. Also the Company train Tool & Die Makers leading to NCVT Examination, Govt. of India. At present the Company employs about 100 employees 

The Company has made arrangements to provide to all its employees Provident Fund, Employees State Insurance, and Gratuity etc.Apart from statutory benefits another voluntary social security measure is taken by the company by introducing SUNIKH EMPLOYEES WELFARE FUND. This is an additional savings fund with management participation.Employees can avail no/low interest loans from this fund. The welfare of the employees is looked in to systematically and carefully.

The Company has the vast customer base and also enjoys a bond between customer and the company. These customers due to satisfactory services rendered appreciate the Company as good vendor. 

Our customer mix includes Electronic Enclosure Manufactureres, Automobile suppliers, Electrical, Electronics, Solar products manufacturers etc.etc,

The relation between the customer and Company are always taken care. The customer complaints are attended with top priority and the top management directly involves in such cases.


1.Sunikh Components Pvt. Ltd.- Press Shop and Tool Room
2.Sunikh Precision Pvt. Ltd.- CNC & Precision Engineering shop

They are mutually beneficial and helpful to manufacture and supply any intricate and complex components or tools. The total facilities are sufficient to meet any exigencies on tooling and production requirements.

Both these companies are located in a well known industrial area named Electronics City, in Bangalore, India and is adjacent to National Highway.The factory is built on one acre land and we have about 55000 sq ft bulit up area.300 KVA power is conncetd and we have generators of 200 KVA capacity for captive power generation 

We are banking with M/S. BANK OF MAHARASHTRA, MICOLAYOUT BRANCH since 1992. We have the overdraft facilities from the bank for both the companies of Sunikh Components Pvt. Ltd and Sunikh Precision Pvt Ltd. and our transactions are very smooth and cordial. We are very happy with the Branch and we appreciate their services. 

We have implemented an ISO ERP System named "MANREQA".This software not only takes care of the regular inventory control, production management, contract managment, vendor managemnt, but also all the ISO documentation and reporting sysytem including quality control and gives various analysis which helps in continual improvements in Quality Management System. 

Sunikh Components Pvt. Ltd has obtained ISO 9001:2008 Certification from NQA of UK; the company is religiously following the systems and documentation as per the above standard. We also conduct audit as per the prescribed norms.

Details of Machinery and other resources

1. List of Machinery at Sunikh Components
2. List of Machinery And Equipments at Sunikh Precision and SNS Tools.
3. List of Inspection Measuring and Testing Equipments.
4. ISO Certificate.

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